Condensate Pots

We supply all of your condensate pots through trusted suppliers. These are listed below according to manufacturer.

Condensate Pots and Seal Chambers manufactured by Channel-Track & Tube-Way Industries are designed and fabricated in accordance with the Instrument Society of America Publication RP3.

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Uses of Chambers

Condensate Chambers are used in the measurement of steam or other vapors which condense to the liquid state at the ambient temperature of the meter. Seal chambers are used in the measurement of fluids which, due to their corrosive or viscous properties, are preferably prevented from entering the meter body. The chambers provide a large area of contact between the measured fluid and the condensate or seal liquid, minimizing errors due to unequal head of fluid in the two connecting lines to the meter.

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Channel-Track Seal Chambers/Condensate Pots are constructed in three ways; the primary design is to fabricate them of schedule 80 pipe which results in hemispherical ends formed from an intricate heating and spinning/forging manufacturing process. Each end of the vessel is forged with proper thickness to assure full thread engagement after tapping. Side taps are accomplished utilizing 3000 lb. couplings as standard, 6000 lb. couplings are available as an option.

Each unit is rendered free of foreign materials resulting from fabrication; inasmuch as the interior is sandblasted following all manufacturing and preceding hydrostatic testing. The second method of construction is to machine and weld flat plates of proper thickness for threading to each end of the specified proper length and schedule pipe.

The third method of construction is to weld ellipsoidal welding Caps with threaded couplings onto the ends of selected pipe. All of the foregoing methods are in accordance with; the code for pressure piping ASA 8-31.1, latest revision.

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2” Catalog No.: CP-1-B-8-N


Channel Track seal pots are hydrostatically tested at 2500 psig at ambient temperature. Special dimensional, pressure rating, or pressure tap location can be furnished by Channel-Track & TubeWay Industries on request.

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TechLine Mfg.

These are the products we carry through the manufacturer
TechLine Mfg.

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Condensate Pots

TechLine Mfg. manufactures standard sized condensate chambers as well as custom pots built to our customers’ specifications. A variety of materials and wall thicknesses are available to meet required design pressures and temperatures.


  • Standard size is 3” pipe, 12” length with three ½-inch FNPT connections in schedule 80 316 stainless or carbon steel.
  • Wall thicknesses include S/40, S/80, S/160 and extra extra heavy.
  • Material finishes include Carbon Steel, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Chrome 11, 22 or 91, Hastelloy and Galvanized.
  • Various pipe sizes, connection sizes and port configurations are available.
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